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Starting from £250 — Content map is a detailed plan that delivers the right content, to the right people, at the right time. To ensure your content generates leads and converts, it must take into account your buyer personas, lifecycle stages and pain points. Too much stuff to worry about? Let me lend you a hand. 


Variable hourly rate — Ecommerce, onboarding, promotional, engagement, survey, round-up... emails of all types and purposes. Email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you -- make the most of it! Mix and match different types of emails or get a recurring service. 


Variable hourly rate — Do you need someone to turn your idea into a grown-up creative campaign? I will help you harness all the marketing avenues to build an effective creative campaign and reach your goals. Let's chat.  


One-off. What makes a stellar blog post? Hitting the right keywords, employing compelling visuals and offering a unique angle. Get in touch if you need a high-quality piece of content (even if it's just a one-off).

Packages. Let's be honest -- one blog post won't make a difference. If you're serious about content marketing, let's talk packages. It's cheaper, too. 

WEBSITE & Conversion copywriting

Starting from £35/hour — Your website is your marketing hub online. Failing to engage visitors means losing potential customers. Let me help you add some kick to your website or landing page copy and attract new clients.